We are now offering a new, convenient, and safe approach to helping you address your health

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is essentially a way to virtually attend your doctor’s appointment from the comfort and safety of your home. It is simply a video chat between the patient and the physician, where the same topics are addressed as in a physical meeting with the same allotted time. Telehealth has become an important platform and priceless tool in helping us and many other medicine-based professionals provide quality care in a safe and convenient manner, especially in light of the current affairs in the world that have impacted us all. It is an especially viable option for our outer-island patients to explore to discuss treatment without having to wait for a physical appointment. 

How do you use Telehealth?

We provide service through Telehealth by appointment only. Every appointment is also conveniently covered by your insurance. We use two programs; doxy.me and Webex, both of which are HIPAA compliant, meaning all of your information will remain private. 


We are happy to use either platform for your Telehealth appointment, however we ask that you review beforehand both doxy.me and Webex to see which one is more convenient and compatible for you.

doxy.me allows patients to attend their Telehealth appointment by simply opening the link that is sent via both email and text on the date and time of appointment. You may use your computer, tablet, or mobile device for this program, and no download is required to make it accessible. Simply click the link sent through email/text at the time of your appointment and enter your name to get instantly connected to your doctor. 

Webex is the official Telehealth program for the Queens Medical Center. It is available to be used on your computer, tablet, or mobile device; however it is only accessible through an email link. This platform also offers more technical support and trouble shooting via the healthline, making it easier to address any technical-related issues. Please read below on how to use Webex and information for troubleshooting. 

How to use Webex on an Apple mobile device

Please click the attached PDF below for a step-by-step guide on how to download and use Webex on your Apple device

How to use Webex on an Android mobile device

Please click the attached PDF below for a step-by-step guide on how to download and use Webex on your Android device

How to use Webex on a computer

If using a computer you may use Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox browsers to easily connect. You may also use the Chrome browser; however, it may require downloading an extension or running a temporary application

For technical support for Webex, please call the support line at 808-691-8141 and someone will be there to assist you

you should see:
for troubleshooting info:
you should see:

doxy.me VS Webex

Having trouble deciding which one to use? Here is a table to help you pick the easiest option for you. Keep in mind that both platforms will still provide the same quality of Telehealth care.

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