It is for your convenience and to better serve and care for our patients

Easy Steps to sign up.  For more information and to schedule appointments, please ask our front desk.  

What is TELEMEDICINE?  The use of telecommunication and information technology is to provide clinical health care from a distance.  Telemedicine is ideally suited for improving patient outcomes by allowing for easy follow-up appointments.

Who can sign up? Anyone who has an insurance plan afflilitated with HMSA including Commercial, Akamai Advantage, and Quest.

For Non-HMSA Plans, please contact your insurance company and ask if your insurance plan is covered with Telemedicine

CPT Codes provided:  99203 or 99213

Where is this taken place?  Chat securely with your provider on your mobile, laptop, or computer at anywhere you are.

When can i chat with my provider: By appointments only.

How do i sign up?    

For MOBILE DEVICE:                                                                                                  For: COMPUTER:                                                      

1) Search for HMSA Online Care in the Apple or Android app store                                  1) Go to

2) Download and open App.  It's FREE!                                                                              2) Enter your information as it appears on your HMSA membership card and click sign up

3) Enter your email address and create a password                                                         3) Log onto HMSA's Online Care with the email and password you used when you signed up

4) Select your health plan, enter your subscriber ID and click CONTINUE            

Copay Info for Members / Non-Member: Price ranges:

Commercial -> Base visit $0 or $10 / Short Ext.(+) 10 min $0 / Long Ext.(+) 40 min $0 or $5 / Max Visit 60 Min $0 or $15

Akamai Advantage -> Base visit $10 / Short Ext.(+) 10 min $0 / Long Ext. (+) 40 min $0 / Max Visit 60 min $15

Quest -> Base visit $0 / Short Ext.(+) 10 min $0 / Long Ext.(+) 40 min $0 / Max Visit 60 min $0

NON-HMSA -> Base visit $76 / Short Ext.(+) 10 min $0 / Long Ext. (+) 40 min $0 / Max Visit 60 min $92

NEED HELP: For questions about cost cost and other information, Please contact Member Support: (808) 948-6330 or email the Online Care Team at           

Security: HIPAA Compliant, Fully encrypted data transmission, Peer-to-Peer secure network connections, No storage of video.


For Life-Threatening Emergencies Call 911

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